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It takes a village to groom a writer. Welcome to your village.

—Tenesha L. Curtis

writerwerx the 60-day manuscript
In 7 days or less you can start on your journey to a completed manuscript.

The 60-Day Manuscript is a simple adaptation of The 12-Month Manuscript that helps you jump start your writing so you can finally finish that manuscript you’ve been “writing” for months or years. No more hesitation, no more wasted time, no more of your friends and family nagging you about not having finished your book yet. Get it done the quick and easy way right now!


Gain the skills and knowledge you need on your own time and at your own pace with Writerwerx University, the Writerwerx Library, and the Writerwerx podcast Author Answers.


Find writing and editing work, get professional help with your writing projects, and find support and encouragement through our writers job board, forum, and live events.


Pitch ideas for inclusion on the Writerwerx site and compete in one (or all) of our contests to keep your creative juices consistently flowing and your literary muscles strong.


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