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Writing is Life

As a lifelong bookworm and writer, Tenesha L. Curtis founded Volo Press Books to help authors publish their work. While helping her clients, she noticed that the same questions seemed to pop up over and over again as she and the client were becoming acquainted. Instead of just continuing to answer one person at a time, she decided to start holding live classes and webinars focused on answering some of the major questions people had such as “What all does self-publishing entail?” or “How do I outline a novel?”

This is how Writerwerx was born.

Though it’s gone through many iterations after its original conception, Writerwerx has developed into more than just a smattering of live events bent on educating new authors and writers. Now it is a community gathering together to learn and aid one another. Writerwerx’s strength is in the helpful spirit of the members that make it up. People who have never written so much as a product description purchase books that support the community. Veteran authors submit trainings or articles to help their greener counterparts.

From a mere idea to a physical store, back to an idea, and now to this community of writers, Writerwerx has been through quite a journey. But this collection of wordsmiths is the pinnacle of its existence!


Writerwerx members can get 10% – 25% off writing and publishing services at VoloPressBooks.com! This includes book coaching, outline reviews, book editing, script editing, ghostwriting, screenwriting, cover design, e-book design, typesetting, research, indexing, translation (Chinese, French, and Spanish), and more.

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