We hold writing contests all throughout the year for novels, short stories, and poems. While anyone is welcome to join in on the fun, only Writerwerx members are able to receive a discount on their entry fees, as well as bonus cash if they win a contest!

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The Grand Opening Novel Contest

Pit the first 1,000 words of your novel against published authors from all over the country. If you have a talent for hooking readers from page one, this contest is your to win!

Submissions accepted the entire month of February. Pre-registration begins on January 1st. Judging takes place in March and winners are announced in April.

writerwerx pocket poetry contest writing contest

The Pocket Poetry Contest

How moving can you be in 100 words or less? Submit to this contest to find out!

Submissions accepted the entire month of May. Pre-registration opens in April. Judging takes place in June and winners are announce in July.

writerwerx slight short story contest

The Slight Short Story Contest

► NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! ◄ This year this contest will end on the last day of June, so hurry up and submit!

Non-member entrants click here.

This competition gives you up to 2,000 words to impress our judges. All genres, including nonfiction, are welcome!

Submissions are accepted the entire month of September. Judging takes place in October and winners are announced in November.

Writerwerx Contest Winners

We keep an ongoing list of who has won our contests in the past . Take a look!

The Grand Opening Novel Contest

2nd Grand Opening Novel Contest: 2020

As a native Floridian, Hollie Lemons has seen some strange things. She’s filtered those strange things into award winning short stories about romance, the supernatural, and even autobiographical. 

Waking Up is her debut novel and because she doesn’t know the meaning of ‘work/life balance’ it certainly won’t be her last. 

1st Grand Opening Novel Contest: 2019

Sean is a graduate from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. He resides in a seaside town on the Jersey shore. 

Two A.M. Flavored Coffee is his first novel.


The Pocket Poetry Contest

2nd Pocket Poetry Contest: 2020

You’re not seeing double! Chuck Holmes is the first person to win one of our contests TWICE! Learn more about Chuck at ChuckHolmes.org.

1st Pocket Poetry Contest: 2020

Chris is a New York City based playwright, book writer and lyricist who spends as much time as possible wandering around in the mountains. 

The Slight Short Story Contest

writerwerx writing contests

2nd Slight Short Story Contest: 2020

We’re still accepting submissions! The next winner could be you, of course, but not if you don’t enter!

1st Slight Short Story Contest: 2019

Chuck is the author of More Than Just Cellular and The Sing. He specializes in strong storytelling laced with wisdom and humor.