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Why Should I Create an Audiobook?

Creating an audiobook for your latest work is key to helping boost your brand and your sales. Though it will take some time and effort, as detailed in ‘How Do I Create an Audiobook?‘, the investment is worth it for the vast majority of authors.

What is an Audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of you or a voice actor reading your book. Instead of getting a paperback or hardcover copy of the book, or downloading the digital text version on to an e-reader, audiobooks allow people to listen to the book being read to them.

Who Uses Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are used by readers of all ages and genre affiliations. It’s difficult to make an audiobook for things like journals, workbooks, or books with lots of images (such as a children’s picture book), but every other kind of book is pretty much fair game. Audiobooks are also helpful for people who have problems reading small text, are legally blind, or who have trouble sitting still for extended periods of time. An audiobook can be listened to while engaging in another activity such as running, swimming, cleaning, or shopping.

When Should I Start Audiobook Production?

Depending upon the length of your book and how you plan on producing it as an audiobook, the answer to this can vary. If you want the audiobook to be available on the same day as your other formats (paperback, hardcover, ebook, loose-leaf, etc.), you’ll normally want to start the production process three to six months ahead of your proposed release date. Keep in mind that this means your text needs to have been written, edited, designed, and proofread in order to make sure your listeners are hearing the same version of the book that your readers are seeing. So, if you normally have a finalized version of the book ready six months before your release date, that’s when you would want to open auditions to find a voice actor/producer or start recording your own audio.

Why Should I Create an Audiobook?

Creating an audiobook has several benefits that can help you build your fan base and provide convenience for your fans.

As mentioned earlier, audiobooks are often the easiest way for someone with visual impairments of various kinds to consume your work. Each time you publish text-only versions of your book, you are missing out on engaging avid readers who just so happen to not be able to see (very well).

An audiobook provides a higher level of convenience for reviewers and busy readers. Reviewers often have dozens of books they have been asked and/or paid to read by authors and publishing companies (not to mention whatever they read for fun). So, being able to listen to a book while they drive their kids to school, vacuum the living room, or wash the puppy makes their lives a lot easier. Sometimes, offering an audio file that a reviewer can listen to may help move your book to the top of their list. The same benefits apply to friends, family, and other people who want to read and review your book in order to help support your authorship, but find they have a lot less time than they thought they did to sit down and read a book.

Being more accessible to more people can result in more sales, more reviews, and more fans—all of which help you grow your career as an author!

Should you create an audiobook for your work? The answer is ‘yes’ for the vast majority of pieces. If having the time and money to do it professionally on your own are a barrier, review my post on how to create an audiobook and learn more about how to do it for $0.00 and get it distributed on platforms like Audible and iTunes.


Happy writing!

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