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Why Should I Recruit Beta Readers?

I’ve never seen stellar writing done in a vacuum.

I’ve never seen stellar writing done in a vacuum.

Generally, nothing you do alone will be as good as what is accomplished when you collaborate with other people.

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What are Beta Readers?

Beta readers are a group of people you select to read an early draft of your book (often after developmental editing). They are meant to give you a general idea of how readers are going to respond to your work. Think of it as your own market research group.

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Who Can Be a Beta Reader?

Anybody (friends, co-workers, writing group members, strangers, etc). However, it’s helpful to find people who resemble your target market and who are reliable enough that you feel confident in their ability to (1) read the entire book and (2) promptly give you feedback.

When Should I Start Recruiting Beta Readers?

As soon as you reasonably can. “Reasonably” meaning you have a solid enough understanding of the book’s content to clearly tell someone what kind of story or content they will be consuming.

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Where Can I Find Beta Readers?

Everywhere. Face-to-socially-distanced-face and online. Your critique groups, family members, and hobby groups. You’d be amazed how many people are willing to help out with your project.


Now that you understand the basics about beta readers, get out there and start signing people up!

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